Methodology used to create the Top of the Best SEO Agencies in Austria

We have searched on Google for the relevant keywords for the industry: “SEO agency” or “Top SEO agencies” in the respective countries. Some results we extracted directly and organically, and some other results we extracted from directories, platforms and listings. The idea behind this is that if the agency succeeded in optimizing its presence on Google for the most searched keywords of the industry, then it will also be able to do that for its customers in their industries.

The searches were conducted in English, and we considered this language when it comes to the language they provide SEO services in.

Also, when we find out a particular SEO agency in a country ranks in more listings as the best SEO agency out there, we take that into consideration.

Another essential criterion we took into account was the position of the company in the three-pack of Google Maps, but also the position of the respective company in the suggested searches from Google.

The positions of the companies in this TOP don’t matter, the presence of the company in the top does. It’s just we started with the Eastern European agencies for politically correct reasons - we wanted to somehow support these agencies by showing them upfront. Apart from that, each country has its own single listing.

Are you ready to find out our rankings for 2023? Enjoy!

SEO Agencies Austria


.kloos is an online marketing agency located in Vienna. The agency will also look at your site from every angle to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your SEO services.


Their expertise in search engine optimization, advertisement on Google Ads, social media marketing and the creation of tailor-made content, are at the highest level

.kloos uses the latest developments in data analytics and competitor analysis to achieve the highest and most ambitious goals of their clients.


Peschkedesian creates user-centred physical and digital products for forward-thinking businesses, from start-ups to major enterprises. Their designs produce quantifiable economic success through the expert application of innovative concepts. Their products are adapted to every client's demands and emphasize the end-user experience of their target markets, which is a straightforward yet crucial part of their commercial success. 


Pikobara constructs powerful marketing strategies based on a user-centric approach for your company's growth. They plan and carry out innovative brand advertising campaigns across all media platforms. The agency creates a plan of action, a clever idea, and efficient ways to put it into practice.

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